don’t hold your breath (for the end times)

Pat Roberson was kinda … outer edge when I was a kid, but I remember when that was an occasional one-off comment that would make you go, “Huh?” Then some time passed, like it does, and somehow we ended up here:

Now, as somebody who grew up hearing about demonic possession and kinda vaguely expecting it to show up around the corner on any given day, I can extrapolate that Roberson is probably going for something between a true “End Times,” i.e., LITERAL APOCALYPSE and “The LORD hardened Pharoah’s heart” scenario here. I don’t even necessarily disagree that we are seeing something that someone someday will refer to as one of the signs of the apocalypse (e.g., “wars and rumors of wars”) … but honestly, if there is one thing we have all learned about the eschaton by now, it’s that the timescales are not set to human expectation, and I don’t see how, from a human perspective, we’d be readily able to differentiate between “the end is near” misery and “man that is born of woman” misery.

Which leads me to conclude that Roberson is just as likely to be seriously effed up in the head as he is to be delivering some sort of special “insider information” about the End Times.

Or, as another theologian put it on Twitter this evening:

I mean …



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